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"The scarcest commodity people's attention."
- Dr. David Steier
Carnegie Mellon University

A favorite quote delivered at the 2011 TRB International Visualization in Transportation Symposium. This showreel by 422SOUTH is a fitting primer to Dr. Steier's point.  


We generate a wealth of data, yet struggle to understand why others don't see the opportunities we see, or appreciate the shared challenges we face.

There is hope.  Visualization is advancing many forms, through more engaging platforms, and on multiple fronts.  Yet the mindsets and processes we use to address problems, explore opportunities, or manage innovation do not fully leverage these powerful resources.

We launched VISPECTIVE to help organizations & communities harness the world's visualization assets in ways that deliver compelling impacts in the context of their needs.  


To clear the noise, disrupt tired thinking, inspire ideas, and reveal answers that trigger meaningful action.

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