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OWLIZED is a young start-up located in San Francisco, CA offering an interactive viewing device called the OWL.  It's a new delivery platform that puts visualizations of the future (or past) physically on the planet for a more complete viewing experience.

It's other compelling feature is the ability to provide configurable questionnaires to (and voice recordings from) the Public...whose responses are then transmitted wirelessly to the deploying organization.

They are finding success in Civic Projects, Climate Change, Historic Places, and recently - unexpected applications in VR Advertising.

10 - 15% of a contractor's bid reflects the RISK associated with subsurface utility location accuracy in urban / suburban projects.

Combining professional Subsurface Utility Engineering (S.U.E.) practices with accurate 3D utility asset & permit management is demonstrating considerable returns in cost, time, and safety.


GEO.WORKS and their partner Utility Mapping Services, Inc. are innovating Right-of-Way asset management, and shifting expectations for an age-old challenge with underground utilities.

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